In 1986, I was told during a channeled private sitting that I would be doing Spirit Drawings. I was guided to follow a procedure at that time, but spirit told me this procedure would change, and as I grew even stronger spiritually and trusted my intuition I would know what the changes would be. The Spirit Drawings are done with the highest spiritual intent as a blessing for each individual. All I need is the person's name. Their physical presence is not required. I then ask God during a private prayer that I would see a visual blessing and receive an intuitive message for the person who receives the Spirit Drawing. What that person receives is a 8" x 10" full color pastel drawing of the visual image and on a seperate piece of paper the intuitive message that goes with the image. Each drawing is $100 which includes shipping within the United States.

To the right is a drawing of spirit guide Sha Mea. During meditation, his image came to me with a blessing or special message for a friend. He said my friend should seek balance in his life by closing his eyes and taking in the full spectrum of light represented by the color coil in Sha Mea's hands. My friend should concentrate first at the red light and try to feel it at the base of his spine. He should then let his mind drift as the feeling travels to the crown of his head or the purple to white light at the other end of the coil. This will help him keep his system in balance.

Dear Kris,

The intuitive message I recieved with this image was that, your higher being, angelic self showed me a glove of white light, with colors of the spectrum at the points of the rays of light. Which means your focus at this time in your life should be on the spectrum of light. The ray of yellow was the brightest which means more development and focus on gaining back your empowerment.

Love and Blessing, Jackie

"Dear Jackie,

Just a note to thank you again for my spirit drawing. It is hard to believe you made it for me one year ago already. Time may have passed, but I still treasure it. The picture itself is amazingly beautiful, and the message you wrote up for me on the back of the picture was personally profound for me. Having a Spirit Drawing done is something I'd reccomend for everybody. Thank you again."

Kris Bates